We have a story to tell you...

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We have a Story to tell you ...





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When Valter and I were children, we liked walking around the villages in the Langhe, thinking we'd meet -sooner or later- the house of our dreams. The house had to be truly ancient, possibly mysterious, but mainly it had to talk to us...

One night at the end of the summer we were in Mango, characteristic village in the region of Langa, ancient, magical and of great historic value. This place reminded me of my childhood, since my mother's parents were born here. In old times, during the Middle Age, the Mangano Knights (the name of the village comes from the name of this war machine) constantly fought to defend their territory from all those who tried to conquer it (mainly the nearby towns of Alba and Asti).

This was the village history until the Second World War, when Mango hosted the Chief Partigiano 'Nord', celebrated by Beppe Fenoglio's novels that everybody in Mango knew and loved.

Our beloved house was there: ancient, mysterious and still beautiful, fast asleep under the weight of time like a princess in fairy tales. Casaforte had been closed and abandoned for 50 years now, between the two districts under the Busca Marquis' Castle. It took us six years of hard work to bring it back to life and now it's ready to welcome you with all its history and magic. Claudia.