Our history
When I was child, I enjoyed walking through the historical centers of the villages of Langa, thinking of meeting the house of my dreams, sooner or later. The house should have been 'really ancient' and possibly a bit mysterious, but, above all, it should have talked to me. One evening at the end of summer I was in Mango, a characteristic village of Langa, dating back to the settlement of a Longobard fara before 1000. Country of my maternal grandparents, dear to the heart of mine, Mango is an ancient place, full of history. And that's where the magic began...


A mysterious abode
Historical charm

When I was a child, I always passed in front of this mysterious house and I was enchanted to listen to the stories that my grandmother and great-aunts told me about it, I imagined a whole world behind the ancient and heavy iron gate that closed the court plants and lots of sun inside. I knew of knights who lived there, of a lost brotherhood and above all the story of a noble lady, called Madame. But she did not know anything about her because nobody knew her origin.

So, you can imagine what was my surprise when, as an adult, I crossed that ancient threshold for the first time, inviolate place for more than fifty years, and I discovered all the wonders described, the traces of legends and many other surprises.

As soon as I entered I realized that I had finally broken the spell, I had found the famous Magic Kingdom... Now the Casaforte could begin its awakening! Here it is, finally, ancient, mysterious and still beautiful, under a blanket of insults of the time, a light, a sparkle, a wink. "Good morning, I am here, I recognize you and I will shine again for you and for all those who want to be our guests and friends".

And so it is! Welcome dear guests, welcome back dear friends, the Casaforte is ready to receive you...

The Bed and Breakfast
Tradition and comfort

The whole building has been rebuilt so as to offer you all the beauty, originality and charm of the old building and the comfort and the functionality of modern facilities. The areas of the Casaforte at your disposal are the solarium (to which you can go directly from every room), the inner yard, the winter garden and the library. The 'Greppia' room occupies a whole floor and also has an adjacent living room.

All our rooms have access to a lift and are equipped with a private bathroom with sink, basin, shower, hairdryer and toilet. We'll give you the towels and change the bed sheets every three days. In every room you will find curtains, automatic nets against mosquitoes and free internet access. For those who don't have a laptop, you can use the internet at the reception.

It will be a pleasure for us to be with you during the visit of the house dating back to the Middle Age, with its undergrounds dug into limestone, the cave with a little lake and a spring, the 'infernotto' (the old basement with a barrel vault roof), the wells and the patrol paths that date back to the origins of the ancient village

Our beloved Langhe
The most beautiful Piedmont

Hills and vineyards that alternate with castles and historic villages: this is the landscape that is proposed to visitors who visit the Langhe. The Piedmont area between Cuneo and Asti offers a succession of spectacular panoramas. Already only by crossing the Romantic Road, a path of eleven stages that runs on 100 kilometers, you can savor the variety of these places in their entirety. We encounter the steep slopes of the Rocche del Roero, which became part of the Unesco World Heritage, in the hills of the Langhe of Barolo and Barbaresco and in their vineyards, up to the sceneries of the Alta Langa, where the green dominates lush of the woods.

Those who wish can stop and visit some wineries, some of which are also beautiful and design and taste the local nectar. The medieval castles that arise in the area represent one of the characteristic and peculiar elements of the landscape.

Visit the most beautiful Piedmont!

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